The Secret of Chabad (Bulk Purchases)

The Secret of Chabad (Bulk Purchases)

Author: David Eliezrie

ISBN: 9781592644599B

The Secret of Chabad - 10 copies for just $189.55

Considered one of the most influential movements in modern Judaism, writers have speculated for decades about the unparalleled success of Chabad Lubavitch. In The Secret of Chabad, Rabbi David Eliezrie depicts the events, philosophies, and personalities that have made Chabad Lubavitch a worldwide phenomenon. From his unique style – weaving together narrative and fact, history and philosophical insight, interviews with shluchim and Chabad leaders from across the globe, and personal recollection – emerges a world rich in tradition and the enormous love for fellow Jews that is embodied by the shluchim. In this book, Rabbi Eliezrie combines the insider’s perspective of a long-time Chabad shaliach with the storytelling flair of a prolific writer.

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Language English
Author David Eliezrie
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 422