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Ben Kodesh LeMikahol

Hebrew Edition

Author: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin , Ruth Mark , Yardena Lubotzky

ISBN: 9789655262353

In this book we find the fascinating encounter between the world of the Tanakh and the traditional Jewish interpretation and the world of artists from various cultures and religions.

The book's authors have succeeded in creating a lively discourse, both verbal and visual, around the weekly Torah portions, which are shared side by side: Rashi and Rembrandt, a mosaic from an ancient synagogue and a Talmudic midrash, painters of different generations and contemporary thinkers. All of that to then leave you full of curiosity to delve further into the meaning of scripture and to look more closely at the works of art before you. Readers are touched by a combination not typically found at the Shabbat table, i.e. with references to the facial expression and body language of the biblical heroes. The rich variety of interpretations and paintings presented convey multiple meanings, inspiring the reader.

The sermons of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, the rabbi of the city of Efrat and the head of the Ohr Torah Stone institutions, which are integrated into the book, prompt the reader to interpret and create in the wake of the scriptures, in constant search for the meaning of his existence as a person and as a Jew. בין קודש למכחול is a book created out of great love for the book of the Jewish people, love for art, and the joy of learning to uncover the dialogue between these worlds.

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Language Hebrew
Author Rabbi Shlomo Riskin , Ruth Mark , Yardena Lubotzky
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 212