The Light of Ephraim

The Light of Ephraim

Author: Benyosef , Simcha

ISBN: 9781940516615

Do we have the spiritual stamina to look back with the intention of repairing past damage? We do not realize to what extent our past mistakes affect the quality of our lives. Ignoring the opportunity to rectify one's past, often causes people to face their children’s fall from truth, financial instability, marital strife and other ills plaguing our generation. It may also mean moving on to one’s future while deprived of the special powers our soul had in potential.

For the first time in translation, this edition of The Light of Ephraim offers step by step instructions guiding man to repair past mistakes that weigh down his present performance. Those who undergo the appropriate rectification will receive a Divine response that will cast light onto the prerequisites for their divine mission in this world, and may be spared the suffering that goes hand in hand with any trespass against our holy covenant. 

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Language English
Author Benyosef , Simcha
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 426